Football, Belongingness, & Happiness

by Pablo W

The purpose of this study is to examine whether the sense of belonging has a significant influence on the happiness of football players. The study uses tools such as case study reports on personal developments and self-evaluation questionnaires as starting points. In this article, I propose that the importance or contribution of a footballer within a team is a good indicator of the level of belongingness that an individual feels, which automatically implies greater satisfaction and hence, more happiness. Moreover, I suggest that the sense of belonging and satisfaction gained from playing football will remain in later stages of life. I can therefore conclude that the sense of belonging plays a large role in the current and future happiness of a footballer.


Furthermore, the benefit shown from playing football can extend later in life. According to Hagerty’s study, certain childhood antecedents contribute to the sense of belonging in adults (798). To determine those antecedents, Hagerty build a model using the “Sense of Belonging Instrument- Psychological (SOBI-P), which consists of 18 items scored on a 4-point scale; on a sample of 362 midwestern community college students” (799). Using multiple linear regression analysis for the variables in the model, Hagerty found 12 variables (or antecedents) that account for 25% of the sense of belonging in adults (799). Moreover, “participation in athletic activity was a significant variable in the final model and had a positive relationship with sense of belonging” (Hagerty 797). Therefore, playing football during high school can influence the adult sense of belonging.

Works Cited

Hagerty, Bonnie. “Childhood Antecedents of Adult Sense of Belonging.” Journal of Clinical Psychology 58.7 (2002): 793-801. Wiley InterScience. Web. 30 July 2014


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